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Opera AC Unofficial 10.60.3400 Alpha
  02.06.2010, 09:21
Opera - очень быстрый и нетребовательный к ресурсам системы и к тому же ищё и бесплатный браузер с собственным ядром. Имеет встроенный менеджер закачек.

Opera отличается малыми размерами, скоростью загрузки HTML документов, универсальностью в загрузке и отображении веб-страниц, богатством настроек и абсолютной функциональностью. Благодаря многообразию своих настроек, Opera может помочь вам сберечь драгоценное онлайновое время и работать с вашим компьютером наиболее эффективно, то есть использовать Opera как профессиональный браузер, управляя выводом графических изображений, использованием каскадных таблиц стилей и интерфейсом.

В этой версии, в очередной раз, предприняты меры для увеличения скорости работы браузера. Разработчиком отмечается возросшая производительность обработки javascript, DOM и CSS. Популярный тест производительности браузеров Peacekeeper отмечает, что эта версия в очередной раз побила рекорд, набрав самое большое количество балов среди всех современных браузеров.

Изменения в последней версии:
Known issues
- Icon replacements for internal pages are stretched in the tab hover previews
- Webfonts are broken on Mac and Unix
- CORE-30259 (Text selection lost (breaks Quick Quote on My Opera))

- Updated version number to 10.60
- Use icons instead of thumbnails for some internal tab types, such as mail and downloads
- Fixed DSK-239575 (Zoom box in email compose page is broken)
- Fixed DSK-284115 (Mail not re-indexed after removing lexicon)
- Fixed DSK-285118 (Tab chrome is missing for restored tab when new tab is opened in background)
- Fixed DSK-288581 (MathML entities don't work in Opera 10.5x)
- Fixed DSK-290704 (Make scrollbar knob bigger with big pages)
- Fixed DSK-291718 (Minimized Opera not restored when opening external link)
- Fixed DSK-292233 (Opera crashes on uninstalling widgets via the panel)
- Fixed DSK-292307 (Can't remove widgets with Cyrillic name)
- Fixed DSK-295244 (Inspect Element should not be the last item in Image Properties)
- Fixed DSK-296724 (Crash viewing Opera skin images on a page while using the Omelion skin)
- Fixed DSK-297250 (Opera crashes in Save As and Open dialogs)
- Fixed DSK-297282 (Crash on right clicking Google Earth plugin)
- Fixed DSK-297390 (Issues with focus in Google Earth plugin)
- Fixed DSK-297560 (Missing toolbar after starting with new page if source viewer was previously active tab)

Speed Dial
- Fixed DSK-293919 (Dragging speed dial entry to another position executes default action on target in addition to dropping)
- Fixed DSK-297432 (Close button: Visual glitch)
- Fixed DSK-297814 (Background of Speed Dial dialogs too transparent)
- Fixed DSK-298063 (When Speed Dial is set Read Only, no titles are shown)
- Fixed DSK-298098 (Visual degradation when setting opacity to a low value (disabling opacity for now))
- Fixed DSK-298364 (Crash when hovering Speed Dial tab)
- Fixed DSK-299663 (Buttons at the bottom overlap when height is reduced)

- Fixed CORE-192 (Remove support for div nowrap)
- Fixed CORE-1386 (MouseEvent and UIEvent interfaces not exposed)
- Fixed CORE-14878 (0.01% height of auto in standards mode should compute to auto but doesn't (Picasa))
- Fixed CORE-19575 (E-mail contact importer on www.hi5.com triggers file download)
- Fixed CORE-19880 (Don't differentiate between shrink-to-fit and table cell content width propagation)
- Fixed CORE-20102 (Absolutely positioned element inside bottom absolutely positioned element doesn't redraw when moved)
- Fixed CORE-20449 (--!> and --\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\s*> do not close a comment)
- Fixed CORE-21628 (Scripts hang at www.toshiba.co.jp (plugin related))
- Fixed CORE-22498 (location.replace in iframe turns previously initiated location.href assignment in parent into a replace)
- Fixed CORE-22761 (Address shouldn't have padding)
- Fixed CORE-22879 (Cell width larger than that of table if cell has nowrap should be respected only in quirks mode)
- Fixed CORE-23522 (HTML5: Add support for onhashchange events)
- Fixed CORE-23560 (Negative clip left/top value, larger than elements widht/height hides element)
- Fixed CORE-23989 (Navigating to a different WML card via element doesn't work)
- Fixed CORE-25367 (After acceptation of certificate, SSL negotiation fails in some circumstances)
- Fixed CORE-25463 (Combination of z-index, display, overflow, position and float hides content at Google Wave)
- Fixed CORE-25786 (Reading empty cookie value still appends = (jil.org))
- Fixed CORE-26001 (CSS selector matching performance improvement)
- Fixed CORE-26027 (Caret appears in the wrong position if put in an empty block beside a float (new reply on Google Wave))
- Fixed CORE-26647 (Freeze caused by nesting positioned and non-positioned elements)
- Fixed CORE-26674 (Content overflowing content edge but not padding edge triggers scrollbar for overflow:auto)
- Fixed CORE-26824 (Mouse coordinates wrongly reported to Flash)
- Fixed CORE-27299 (Zimbra: UI freezes when closing calendar item - history.back() causes unload event)
- Fixed CORE-27385 (Can't install Skandiabanken CA certificate)
- Fixed CORE-27402 (Navigator mimeTypes description is wrong)
- Fixed CORE-27532 (liveConnect TCs show undefined until Reload)
- Fixed CORE-27600 (Odd XSLT behaviour with (non-URI) ihost names)
- Fixed CORE-27693 (Cant view Google Pistview - document.readyState can revert to "interactive" from "completed" when content is added to the DOM)
- Fixed CORE-27730 (Nested positioned descendants of inline-block fails to redraw)
- Fixed CORE-27774 (Float and clear tests regressed - empty line inserted)
- Fixed CORE-27826 (Nested positioned descendants of inline-block with z-index fails to redraw)
- Partially Fixed CORE-27877 (The separator between attributes and params should be PARAM:null, not PARAM:"")
- Fixed CORE-27900 (Animated Harmonograph Experiment not animated)
- Fixed CORE-28143 (Unexpected 14px offsetTop for page when close a inner window for web.qq.com)
- Fixed CORE-28213 (Danskebank not working - let document.domain affect frame navigation policy)
- Fixed CORE-28444 (Windowless plugin desynchronizes with page after scrolling)
- Fixed CORE-28845 (Don't set the focus on DocumentEdit when handling an onfocus event on the body)
- Fixed CORE-28943 (Can't enable plugin by clicking arrow on this page (EnableOnDemandPlugin/EnableOnDemandPluginPlaceholder))
- Fixed CORE-29028 (Optimize premultiplication of decoded images)
- Fixed DSK-275537 (Chinese IME causes Opera to crash when typing on tieba.baidu.com)
- Fixed CORE-30034 (Webstorage crash)

- Fixed DSK-294923 (Disable taskbar thumbnails by default and make an option in preferences)

- Fixed DSK-299441 (Drop JEP in favour of javaplugin2 (ns4) – more info)
- Fixed DSK-299267 (Slow element reflow with some italic fonts)
- Fixed DSK-298779 (Pinch to zoom gesture in compose screen crashes Opera)

Год выпуска: 2010
Разработчик: Opera Software
Операционная система: Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7-x64-x86
Тип лицензии: Freeware
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Multilanguage
Размер файла: 15,5 MB

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